Wij Zijn Tam Tam magazine was created as my final project at UCN in Aalborg. The magazine is created in co-operation with full service digital design agency called Tam Tam.

Tam Tam problem was that they had nice design magazines and books on coffee tables and at the offices, but there was no magazine, which would be just about Tam Tam. The purpose of the magazine is to show people, who are waiting for the meeting at Tam Tam, who the Tam Tam is and what interesting happened at the agency lately. There are lots of visuals and the text is abstemious, as the people, who are waiting for a meeting usually do not wait more than 15 minutes and also because nowadays society preffers not to have to read long articles.  

Wij Zijn means in dutch we are and that is what the magazine is all about; it is about people, who together create Tam Tam.
On the left page, we can see one of the concept, which was created for TT Instagram account. It is a playful concept, where people are encouraged to try to find Tammo's (pet name for Tam Tam employee) in the picture. As people might not have possibility to see these pictures together on social media, this is a nice way of showing them and also connect the digital with the offline.  
Article about Tam Tam talks, where thebar code links reader of the magazine to the page where he/she can watch selected full talk.
When social media meets printed magazine: these pictures were taken for Tam Tam instagram account as a part of the concept Seeing Tam Tam slash (part of the logo) around us. All the pictures are coming together on one printed spread.
These articles are showing people, what kinds of cool apps Tam Tam already have made and that these apps can be useful for anyone and youcan download them right away by scanning relevant bar code.
Thank you for watching!
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