Ga-jol is Danish company producing liquorice ( and salty liquorice) pastilles since 1933. In Denmark it is company with long tradition, but when entering new Czech and Slovak market the company cannot play on this fact. Since the liquorice flavour is not very popular among Czechoslovakians and liquorice with salt is something people in this coutry cannot imagine eating and it is considered to be rather disgusting than tasty, we have based our advertising idea on the fact that Ga-jol has strange taste. We want to challenge people to try it and to share this experience with others by sharing their own reaction on social media with using #gajolchallenge. 
Ga-jol blueberry
Ga-jol challenge on social media
Advertisement colour variation for other Ga-jol flavors: from left : Ga-jol original blue, Ga-jol original,Ga-jol pure liquorice  Ga-jol salt liquorice, Ga-jol polar, Ga-jol mint, Ga-jol pomegranate
Ga-jol stickers- to be put in every 2box package
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